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Furniture is an indispensable element of any interior. It has a practical, but also decorative and representative function. At ETsso, we create diverse furniture that is stylistically compliant with the project presented to us. We make veneered furniture, made of solid domestic or exotic wood, as well as of MDF finished with the best covering varnishes. We specialize in carpentry, but we also carry out projects combining various materials such as stone, glass, wood, textiles and steel.

We offer diverse models of fronts, cornices and pilasters as well as a wide range of RAL or NCS colors. We provide the best systems available on the market so that the use of our furniture becomes a daily pleasure. Attention to detail is a feature that distinguishes us and leads to perfection in creating beautiful furniture - furniture that is compatible with current trends and contemporary style, but above all stands out for its elegance and masterful simplicity.