Our specialty are freestanding and concrete stairs. We use the best kinds of Polish wood, i.e. oak and ash, as well as exotic wood. We use Compass to design our stairs. You will be offered a look at visualisation of your stairs and a chance to modify the design. With a wide array of available wood finishes and materials, you can create a combination that will be perfect for you.


There are many ways to cover concrete steps. Popular solutions include stairs with nosing. They appear mostly in traditional interiors and in the case of narrow steps where they can provide up to 30 mm of additional space.

Solid stairs will be ideal for modern interiors. The use of equally sized treads and risers ensures a clear-cut and distinctive look. A glass or stainless steel railing makes the stairs perfect for a minimalist interior.


For us, participating in the design and development of stair models is a great source of satisfaction. You can decide for yourself what the stair steps and railing should look like.

We use Compass to design freestanding stairs. The design can be modified based on visualisation of stairs.