ETsso is a manufacturing and trading company. We are specialists in end-to-end interior design services, including supply of floors, stairs, doors and furniture. We are among the few companies that can meet your expectations by combining multiple processes. In production we follow the highest standards.
The technology and materials that we use provide a guarantee of solid high-quality products. Our floors, doors and furniture serve a practical and decorative function. They connect individual elements of design providing a harmonious look to your entire home.


ETsso’s specialty is design of wood flooring. Specially designed floor collections make our products stand out from the competition. Each customer is free to create an individualised collection to enjoy a floor or stairs of their dreams. The production technology that we use provides a guarantee of high quality of our products which undergo seasoning, drying and treatment based on advanced machinery.

We use Compass to design our stairs. You will be offered a look at visualisation of your stairs and a chance to modify the design. The variety of available wood finishes and materials means that you can match your product to your floors, doors or other interior elements.


In production we follow the highest standards and the most advanced technology. Doors, as an important part of every interior, are subject to an appropriate production cycle and made with attention to the tiniest detail.

High quality and precision are ensured by advanced CNC machines. Our customers are free to create doors of their dreams.


Furniture is one of the most important elements of interior design. New models planned down to the tiniest detail make for unusual interiors. Our furniture is made from the best materials available on the market. We make wooden furniture, veneered furniture and furniture made of MDF finished with high-quality varnish available in numerous RAL and NCS colour tones. We provide individualised solutions to each customer.

Our production technician, who is in charge of the production process, ensures that the end product is functional and made according to design specification. With our experience we are able to make a product according to your individual requirements. The wide array of high-quality products provides you with a guarantee of luxurious and functional interiors.


If you choose us, you will be offered many advantages. We complete orders from beginning to end. In completing orders for floors, stairs, doors or furniture, we ensure full coordination so as to maintain the right order of processes. What makes us unique? We have our own fitters skilled in a specific area. We do not believe in handymen who do various tasks. We engage experts in floor installation, stair construction, door installation and furniture assembly. Our experts provide a guarantee of proper and timely completion of each order. We provide individualised solutions to each customer. Mutual satisfaction is ensured by compliance with strict internal rules and procedures.